The end of another year….

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The end of another year….

Well, it’s been a great year, here at Middleton Primary School!  I can’t believe it has gone so quickly!  We finish school on Friday – and we say ‘goodbye’ to our 2 Deputy Heads, who have been at MPS for over 30 years each – we wish Penni and Sarah a long and happy retirement!

All staffing is in place for September – we have a new teacher in Reception and a new teacher in Year 6.  There are some other new members of staff starting with us and I will update this on School Story.

Our 2 recent residentials (pictures are on this website, under residentials) were brilliant.  Half of Year 4 went to Lineham and we had a great time!  Children from Years 3, 4 and 5 went to Cober Hill – I joined them on the Thursday and the Friday and we had a great time on the beach!!

We have 2 Training Days in September and children return to school on Wednesday, 7th September.  Our Attendance and Punctuality has been a real challenge this year – but we will be working hard to achieve our target 0f 96.5% next year and need every parent/carer and child to support us with this – in school, every day and on time!  IN THE LINE AT FIVE TO NINE, START YOUR LEARNING BANG ON TIME!

This week, we say ‘goodbye’ to our Year 6 pupils – they have all worked hard during their time at our school and we all wish them all the very best for their time at High School and beyond.  Many ordered a Leavers’ Hoody and all of Year 6 have taken part in our end of year production (this will be put on our website) with Danny Gough (from Class Dynamix).  We will have an end of year BBQ on Thursday to celebrate our year back in school and our Special Awards Assembly will be on Friday.

Our calendar will be updated on our website, to show the key events, holidays, etc, for next year – so please check this out and make a note of key events that will be happening!  Our Summer School starts on Monday 1st August and runs for 4 weeks through the Summer holidays!

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer!