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The day our parent’s came to read!

During Autumn 2, we invited parents in to share some reading time with their children. The children really enjoyed showing their parents how they read at school and sharing some important reading time with them. We got some lovely feedback from our parents after their visits:

“I think it’s a brilliant idea!”

“Really good, it’s nice to see him reading in the school environment because it’s different at home.”

“I really enjoyed coming into school to read with my child.”

“It was great to hear my child read.”

“I really enjoyed coming in to read with Shane and his friends. The books we read were something we could all join in with. I would definitely come again.”

“It has been good coming into school today to read with him. We only read one book but he copied what I read and enjoyed the story.”

“It is good to be around Daniel in his class to get close to his teachers and his friends. It has improved his confidence. I wouldn’t mind to come again.”

“I found it very useful and enjoyable for the parents and children. There was a very good range of books for the children to choose from. I think it’s great and should happen again!”