School update!

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School update!

This week, in school, is Healthy School’s Week – we have the MAD team in (Military Active Days) and we have children taking part in various Sporting Events.  We have our Enabling Enterprise Days and our British Values Day this week also!

We have D-Side working with Year 4 on Friday and Year 1 are visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We have a group of 10 Year 3 girls taking part in a Tennis Competition at JCCS.

Danny Gough (Class Dynamix) is working with Year 6 on their end of year production – watch this space!

Last week we went to Cober Hill – the children had a fantastic week – the sun was shining and they took part in a variety of activities – a day on Scarborough Beach also (pictures will be put on our website – so check them out!).

We only have 3 weeks left of this academic year – how time flies!  We still have visits and visitors taking place over the next few weeks (updates on School Story) – Reception will be visiting Temple Newsam and our Gardening Club will be planting planters in and around the new housing in Middleton!  Next week – Class 10 will be going to Lineham Farm for the week – we hope the sun will shine as it will help the week be even better than we know it will be!

That’s the latest update from me – have a great rest of this week and a great weekend!