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After School Clubs

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Key Stage 1 Clubs

Day Club Please Collect From…
Monday Computer Club Year 1 Doors
Monday Active Club Lower Hall – Side Year 1 Doors
Tuesday Fitness Club Class 3 Door – Bottom Conservatory

Key Stage 2 Clubs

Day Club Please Collect From…
Monday Year 6 SATS Club Year 6 Cloakroom
Monday Year 4 Hive Club Year 5 Cloakroom
Monday Year 3 Singing Club Year 3 Cloakroom
Monday Year 4, 5 and 6 Gardening Club Main Office
Monday Year 4 and 5 Reading Club Old Library Door
Tuesday Year 3 Cooking Club Year 3 Cloakroom
Tuesday Year 5 and 6 Multisports Club Back Playground
Tuesday Year 3 and 4 Games and Hot Chocolate Club Year 5 Cloakroom
Tuesday Year 5 and 6 Debating Club Class 13 Door
Tuesday Year 3-6 Forest Schools Club Reception Door
Wednesday Year 3 and 4 Knitting Club Year 3 Cloakroom
Wednesday Year 5 Youth Club  Year 5 Cloakroom
Wednesday Year 5 and 6 Draughts and Chess Club  Year 4 Cloakroom
Thursday Year 4 and 5 Boys’ Football  Year 4 Cloakroom
Thursday Year 6 Maths Tutor Group  Year 5 Cloakroom
Thursday Year 6 Spanish Club  Year 5 Cloakroom

Awards and Sponsors

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