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Maths Curriculum


Our Early Years Curriculum follows the proven learning through play model. We use the White Rose Maths scheme of learning to build the foundations of Maths within our curriculum and beyond. The scheme is mastery based and maps out the teaching and learning across the year. Our Maths lessons are delivered in small groups with dialogic opportunities embedded. The children are taught in depth about individual numbers to 10 where they learn about the number in a range of contexts as well as subtising. In addition to this, provision is enhanced weekly to provide the children with opportunities to apply their mathematical thinking and deepen their understanding. Our experienced practitioners tactfully stretch and challenge the children throughout provision and within their play. Learning is documented weekly in our Maths Floor Book which captures the childrens learning. We use the Development Matters statements to measure progress.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage One we teach Maths daily as part of our curriculum. We use the PiXL scheme of learning to deliver our lessons which is complemented by other valuable resources from programs such as Grammarsaurus and Primary Stars. The PiXL scheme is taught to the whole class through engaging and prcatical therapies and gives children the opportunity to apply their new learning through differentiated tasks. Where appropriate, practical resources are used to aid teaching and learning which include Numicon, Base 10 and Doodle Maths. Children are assessed throughout their lesson, through marking and feedback and through more formal assessments. Teachers use this information to inform future planning, teaching and interventions for any children not meeting the learning objective.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, we use the PiXL scheme to deliver our daily hour long Maths lessons. We follow the PiXL DTT, Diagnosis, Therapy, Test, to ensure the teaching is pitched exactly to the needs of the children. Personalised Learning Checklists are used to indicate the objectives achieved by children and this informs the Therapy that is delivered and then a short assessment to measure the progress of the child. Further to this, we also stream children in Year 5 and 6 to ensure we are meeting the needs of all children and addressing any individual needs. In addition to this, all classes in Key Stage 2 have 15/20 minutes of Morning Maths each day. This involves mixture of different activities which include challenge, consolidation and timetables.