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Daily Home Learning – Year 3

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have provided some online work for your child in line with Year 3’s National Curriculum. You can find your child’s password for these online sites enclosed in the document below. Please note, that as we are having to supply the work in extreme circumstances we are publishing the children’s passwords. These passwords will be changed as soon as normality resumes and we are back in school. You can find them HERE



Online Coding and Maths

There are also some further links below.

To support our learners who are on the Autism spectrum we have found some resources HERE!

Twinkl have now made their platform free to everybody. Please look here for some age appropriate books to read with your child.


Twinkl Interactive

Live Learning Hub

This is a fantastic resource site for all areas of learning. Once you have accessed the site, please login using the username – student19141 and the password – mps123

Discovery Education

Here are also some free websites that your child can access to continue their learning at home.

Supermovers – Please create an account and use the free access code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Please also ensure that your child reads a book regularly.