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Welcome back!

Welcome back after the half term holiday – we hope you all had a lovely break! As you know – this week in school is Arts Week – children will be celebrating different aspects of art and engage in a variety of activities – art is an important part of our curriculum – that is why we are celebrating it, this week!
Year 6 will be working with LUFC tomorrow and Wednesday – workshops called Primary Choices!
This is a 7-week term and there are various things happening (see our calendar on our website for updates):
20-24th June – Cober Hill
27th and 28th – MAD (Military Active Days in school)
29th – Wates are coming into school to celebrate the World of Work with our children – groups of children will also be taking part in planting around where the new houses are being built – they are eager to work with our school, which is great!
04-8th July – Lineham Farm Residential
21st July – Attendance and Punctuality Celebration – a fun day for all children – bouncy castle, games, ice-cream, hot dogs – a day of fun for everyone!
We finish this half term at 1pm on Friday 22nd July.

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Easter Bonnet Competition

Huge well done to our Easter Bonnet winners: Jack Croker, Jayme Marshall and Lola Emery, who all took home Easter Egg hampers. Thank you and another well done to everyone who entered -they all received a runner up Creme Egg too!


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Summer Term

Welcome back to the Summer term – the final term of this year!  It is a busy term – but we finished the Spring term with some exciting activities!  Our Easter Raffle and Easter Bunny visits raised over £600 for School Fund!  Our Easter Bonnet Competition (see photos) was very colourful and we had some fantastic entries!  We had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and then a small prize for everyone that entered!

Our Easter School was brilliant – over 150 children attended and they all had a fabulous time!  They took part in a variety of activities – Active Maths, Active Literacy, Gardening, Cooking, Nature Trails, a variety of sports and a MAD (Military Active Day) which everyone loved!  We also had Zoom meetings with an animal sanctuary and they shared with the children all the great work they do to save and look after wildlife.

We took our Prefects Bowling – this was as a ‘thank you’ for all the hard work they do in helping out at lunchtime!

This week (Weds to Fri) we have our London Residential – we will visit the Houses of Parliament, shopping on Oxford Street, eating out in 2 restaurants, London Eye, Legoland, The Theatre (to see the Lion King) – to name the main events!!

This term in school we have our Cober Hill and Lineham Farm Residential – so we are keeping busy!

We will also be holding a 4-week Summer School in the Summer holidays!

Pictures will be posted on our website (but can also be seen on School Story!).

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Middleton Baptist Church Visits

We have a really great partnership with Middleton Baptist Church.  All classes visit there regularly!  They currently have an Art Exhibition with contributions from various community groups.  Middleton Primary School also contributed to the Exhibition and every class visited the church to see the Exhibition.  Whilst there, they also made calendars with a mirror, which they decorated and put statements on, like – ‘I’m awesome’, ‘I’m special’ – they loved being there and had a great time!

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International Women’s Day

Thank you to all of you who sent your child in, wearing something purple, to celebrate International Women’s Day, yesterday. It is a really important event for a number of reasons:The theme this year is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,” and call for climate action for women, by women. Some of the latest data helps us to understand the vital link between gender, social equity, and climate change. Women and girls experience some of the greatest impacts of the climate crisis as it amplifies existing gender inequalities and puts women’s lives and livelihoods at risk. Across the world, women depend more on, yet have less access to, natural resources, and often bear a disproportionate responsibility for securing food, water, and fuel. We are, therefore, proud to support United Nations observance of International Women’s Day 2022 and thank you for your support with this!

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Creative Writing!

16 of our Year 5 and Year 6 children entered the Young Writers This Is Me Competition – they had over 10,000 entries!  All of the work we submitted was chosen to go into the publication – This Is Me 2022 – Poetry From The Stars.  Each pupil received a certificate, sticker and bookmark!  We will make a display of this work in school and put on School Story and our Website – thank you to: Martins, Mia, Zoe, Janel, Ruby-Jane, Dean, Nathan, Ethan, Nick, Kian, Emmanuelle, Mason, Ivan, Lily, Joe, Maddie and Miss O’Gorman!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s everyone!! On Friday Rainbow Class and some Year 1 children are taking part in the Panathon at Middleton Leisure Centre! The football tournament this pm has had to be cancelled due to the weather! We finish on Friday, 18th and return to school on Monday 28th! Clubs will resume on Monday 28th and Thank You Assemblies will take place in our school halls again. We will still be asking parents/carers to drop their children off at the school gates in the morning and collect from class in the afternoon – wearing a mask will be optional. We hope, as the year progresses, we will have events/activities that parents/carers will be able to attend at school – so watch this space!
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LGBTQ+ Week 07/02/2022

Good morning!

This week in school is LGBTQ+ week – children will be learning about diversity and equality. Our theme this week is – ‘I know everyone is unique’. Forest School activities are taking place every week with Year 1 – see the pictures and ‘blurp’ on our Forest Schools tab. We finish for half term next Friday 18th February and return to school on Monday 28th February! We are still waiting to hear about Easter School – so fingers crossed. There is another football match tomorrow – we are playing, once again, St Anthony’s – good luck MPS!!

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This week!

On Friday in school this week is Number Day (for the NSPCC) and Wear it Red (for the British Heart Foundation).  Wear a number, or wear something red – or do a bit of both and bring a £1 in, which will be sent to these 2 charities!

We are hoping to have an Easter School this Easter (depending on our bid being successful) and this will run over the 2 weeks – Tues to Friday, 10am to 2pm – children will take part in Active Maths, Active Literacy, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Cooking, Forest School activities and be provided with a hot lunch.  There will also be a visit to a Farm and Bowling at the end of the week!

Our theme in school this week is ‘Honesty’.

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What we are about at Middleton Primary School!

At our school we like to celebrate children’s achievements and reward them!  Behaviour and attitudes (attendance and punctuality) are very important across our whole school.  For this we have a Reward System – children can earn tokens, tickets, dojos – which go towards their merits.  When they achieve a certain number they receive their bronze badge – this then builds up to silver, gold and platinum!  We reward good attendance and punctuality with prizes and badges and stickers!  We have various roles and responsibilities across school – Prefects, School Council, House Captains and Eco-Warriors.  They wear badges to show what role they have in school.   Every week we have ‘Thank You’ Assembly where children are ‘thanked’ by their Class Teacher for attitude and behaviour.  Today, Zuzanna was very proud to show me her awards:

Head Teacher sticker – she went up in Thank You Assembly today!  Bronze Merit Badge – she has earned her 25 merits!  100% Attendance and Punctuality Badge for Autumn term 1 – she is 100% for the Autumn term.  Her 100% Attendance and Punctuality Sticker – for this week!  Then her Prefect Badge – she is one of our school Prefects!  One of our many ‘model’ pupils in school – here she is proudly wearing her badges!!