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Welcome back!

Despite the very sad news of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, it has been a great start back here at Middleton Primary School.

Children returned to school on Wednesday and looked very smart in our new school uniform.  They have settled well into their new classes and have enjoyed their few days back at school.

Our new playground equipment will be installed over the next couple of weeks and we are looking at improving our playground zones at lunchtime.

Our assemblies reminded children (and adults!) about the things that are important to us at Middleton – our learning, our health, our behaviour, being in school, every day and on time and the rewards we have in place to thank and encourage children to do their best all the time!

Next week, we have 3 visits – Class 3 and Class 4 are visiting Ledston Estate and Class 9 are going to Canon Hall!  We are back in the swing of things!!

Have a great weekend!

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Are you enjoying the Summer holidays?

I can’t believe we are into Week 4 of our Summer holidays! I hope you have all enjoyed the hot weather – it’s been lovely – although we do need a bit of rain! Summer School has been going really well – children have attended well and have enjoyed the variety of active activities that have taken place! The Podcast Group completed their podcast with myself and Jo. This just needs editing and will be put on School Story and School Website when it is ready! The playground is underway – new tarmac will be put down and then our new play equipment will be installed! Remember – we return to school on Wednesday 7th September – we want EVERY child to be in school on that day so we can work towards having as many children as possible at 100%! Our website will be updated with calendar dates, etc, over the coming weeks – so remember to check this out!  Enjoy the rest of the holidays – next week is the last week on Summer School and we look forward to seeing everyone in September!  Pictures and Podcast will be uploaded onto our website over the next couple of weeks – so remember to check them out to see how much fun we had!

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Summer Activities

Please see a range of active clubs and activities in and around the area. These cater for all ages and both girls and boys!



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The end of another year….

Well, it’s been a great year, here at Middleton Primary School!  I can’t believe it has gone so quickly!  We finish school on Friday – and we say ‘goodbye’ to our 2 Deputy Heads, who have been at MPS for over 30 years each – we wish Penni and Sarah a long and happy retirement!

All staffing is in place for September – we have a new teacher in Reception and a new teacher in Year 6.  There are some other new members of staff starting with us and I will update this on School Story.

Our 2 recent residentials (pictures are on this website, under residentials) were brilliant.  Half of Year 4 went to Lineham and we had a great time!  Children from Years 3, 4 and 5 went to Cober Hill – I joined them on the Thursday and the Friday and we had a great time on the beach!!

We have 2 Training Days in September and children return to school on Wednesday, 7th September.  Our Attendance and Punctuality has been a real challenge this year – but we will be working hard to achieve our target 0f 96.5% next year and need every parent/carer and child to support us with this – in school, every day and on time!  IN THE LINE AT FIVE TO NINE, START YOUR LEARNING BANG ON TIME!

This week, we say ‘goodbye’ to our Year 6 pupils – they have all worked hard during their time at our school and we all wish them all the very best for their time at High School and beyond.  Many ordered a Leavers’ Hoody and all of Year 6 have taken part in our end of year production (this will be put on our website) with Danny Gough (from Class Dynamix).  We will have an end of year BBQ on Thursday to celebrate our year back in school and our Special Awards Assembly will be on Friday.

Our calendar will be updated on our website, to show the key events, holidays, etc, for next year – so please check this out and make a note of key events that will be happening!  Our Summer School starts on Monday 1st August and runs for 4 weeks through the Summer holidays!

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer!

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School update!

This week, in school, is Healthy School’s Week – we have the MAD team in (Military Active Days) and we have children taking part in various Sporting Events.  We have our Enabling Enterprise Days and our British Values Day this week also!

We have D-Side working with Year 4 on Friday and Year 1 are visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We have a group of 10 Year 3 girls taking part in a Tennis Competition at JCCS.

Danny Gough (Class Dynamix) is working with Year 6 on their end of year production – watch this space!

Last week we went to Cober Hill – the children had a fantastic week – the sun was shining and they took part in a variety of activities – a day on Scarborough Beach also (pictures will be put on our website – so check them out!).

We only have 3 weeks left of this academic year – how time flies!  We still have visits and visitors taking place over the next few weeks (updates on School Story) – Reception will be visiting Temple Newsam and our Gardening Club will be planting planters in and around the new housing in Middleton!  Next week – Class 10 will be going to Lineham Farm for the week – we hope the sun will shine as it will help the week be even better than we know it will be!

That’s the latest update from me – have a great rest of this week and a great weekend!

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Busy! Busy! Busy!

We had a very busy week, last week with children being involved in all sorts of things!  It was Arts Week in school last week and the children took part in a variety of Arts activities.   We had a number of visitors to school – singing and composing with our children, amongst other things!  Total Dance worked with KS1 and Back Chat Brass Band worked with Years 3 and 4.  A Poet was in school working with Year 5 and Year 6.  Danny Gough was working with Year 6 on their end of year DVD and LUFC – Primary Choices – were also working with Year 6!  Year 2 went to Armley Leisure Centre to take part in the Skipping Festival and on Friday, Alison Wain, from Middleton Baptist Church came over with a group of musicians who worked with classes across school – getting them to sing and move to their music!  In the afternoon, all classes shared their work – there were a number of brilliant performances (these are on School Story).  Mrs Hurst led our orchestra – children were playing – the cello, violins, flutes, recorders and the glockenspiel – it was really wonderful to watch them perform as an orchestra!  Yesterday – some of our Year 4 children went to Ilkley Trophy – to watch top tennis players playing tennis and had some coaching sessions also!  Next week – children will be going to Cober Hill for their week-long residential – busy times indeed!!

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This week in school…

This week in school – we have Year 2 visiting Temple Newsam.  On Friday we are taking our Prefects bowling – this is a ‘thank you’ for all the hard work they do in school!  Last week Star Class had an excellent time – they went ice-skating!  We have been successful in our bid for an Easter School and a Summer School – we put a bid in for £47,000 and we have been granted the money!  This means we can run a 2-week Easter School and a 4-week Summer School!  We have some excellent links with Middleton Baptist Church – all classes are visiting and contributing to the Art Exhibition being held there and all year groups will visit to take part in Easter Activities!

We have held various fund-raising events for Ukraine and have raised, to date, £1415.82!  This will be sent to Unicef so they can distribute this to where it is needed most.

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HENRY course for parents!

HENRY COURSE!  This course will be running in our school, every Tuesday, 9-11 am.  It is all about Healthy, Thriving Families and runs for 8 weeks.  It is solution focused – parents discussing and sharing ideas and things that work for them at home.  It runs for 8 weeks and it is about healthy nutrition, food labels, body image, sleep patterns and screen time.  Please see the attached poster, which explains what is on offer more fully.  MPS Henry Flyer

This is the 8-week programme:
Session 1 – Exploring what changes you want to make.  Thinking about a healthy family and what we can do as parents to help.
Session 2 – How to juggle life with growing children so you all get what you need.  Thinking about healthier meals and snacks.
Session 3 – What we can do as parents to help children grow up feeling good about themselves.  Looking at portions and portion sizes.
Session 4 – Responding to children’s needs without giving in to all their demands.  Enjoying getting active as a family.
Session 5 – Food groups, labels, portion sizes for the whole family, and healthy food swaps.
Session 6 – Positive mealtime tips for a happy family and reducing mealtime stress for everyone.
Session 7 – Negotiating agreements as a family, including around food, screen time and sleep.
Session 8 – Supporting your children as they grow older.  Exploring body image and peer pressure. Planning your family’s future.

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Welcome back!

Welcome back after the February half term holiday! We hope you had a great break – despite the horrible weather!!
This week – today – the winning house will have a disco this afternoon! These were the scores – in 4th place – Maple with 494 points; 3rd – Willow with 523 points; 2nd – Rowan with 538 points and the winning team – Oak with 549 points! This week is World Book Week – today we will be watching the live stream at 11.30. Wednesday – there will be a whole school book swap and, on Friday – come in dressed up as a character!!
We are getting ready for Easter – there will be an Easter Egg Raffle at the end of this half term. As from today – you can start to make your Easter bonnet and send this into school by Monday 28th March! The Easter Bunny will also be visiting school!
Thank you for sending in any pictures of your child having an ‘Extreme Read’ experience – we will be looking at these, this week and there will be prize(s).
We will also be working with St Cross Church – this half term and next – contributing and attending the Art Exhibition and then taking part in some Easter activities!
A couple of parents sent me a link for free tickets to Chester Zoo – we have been given 450 tickets – this means we can take every child to Chester Zoo in December!! More information will follow later on this year.
Our Prefects are looking out for excellent examples of healthy packed lunches – they have talked to classes about this – excellent examples will win a free Asda voucher!
COVID is still with us. We continue to take precautions in school. We are not asking you to test your children regularly – but if they become symptomatic then you will need to order a PCR test. If they then test negative on Day 5 and Day 6 they can return to school on Day 6!
Remember – Attendance and Punctuality remains a key priority for us, as a school. If your child isn’t a 100% for this year – then they can be for this half term by being in school every day and, on time!
Thank you for your continued support with all we do in school!
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Half term!

Good morning all! As you know, we finish on Friday for half term and return on Monday 28th February! Clubs will start on that Monday and Thank You Assembly will be held in the School Hall again. When you collect your child at home time, wearing a mask is optional. We have a new dinner menu – this will be on our website before we come back to school – so have a look at it and discuss with your child.EXTREME READ – we thought it would be a good idea to get your child (or yourself) reading somewhere ‘extreme’ (not anywhere dangerous!!) and send in photos via Class Dojo to your child’s Class Teacher! We will be selecting winners and they will receive a prize!When we come back it is World Book Week – on Monday all children will be watching a live stream for World Book Day. On Thursday there will be a book swap and on Friday children can dress up as a favourite character and on that day work will be done around a book!On the Monday afternoon – the winning house (who have earned the most points) will have a disco!! We will announce the winning house on the Monday!!Our theme for the first week back is ‘Passion – I have a passion for learning’.Many of you might remember that before Christmas all classes in school went to St Cross Church and took part in Christmas activities. Alison Wain, the minister there was very impressed with the behaviour and attitudes of the children and also was very complimentary about our school ethos and how inclusive, welcoming and positive it is. She came into school yesterday – we will be taking part in Easter activities and competitions when we come back after half term. We will also be making contributions to the Art Exhibition (and our children will be going over to see the exhibition – done by Elderly Aid).The Art Exhibition is open to all families (there is a cafe there also) Thursday 7th April and Saturday 9th April – 1-4pm – she will be sending a poster over, which we will share with you! We are really proud with our link to St Cross Church and the children (and families) will benefit from this partnership.Have a great half term and see you all on Monday 28th (take care in the storms and stay safe).