Attendance and Punctuality

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Attendance and Punctuality

Good morning – I’ve not used this blog in a long time – mainly because I’ve been communicating with parents/carers via Dojo and School Story and Parent Pay!  But it’s good to update you all via our website – we’ve recently made some changes to this!  Attendance and Punctuality are very important and we work hard to ensure that children are in school, every day and on time.  However, our attendance has dipped this half term and currently stands at 95.5% – our target is 96.5%.  Yesterday the Department for Education sent the following information:

School attendance
As the new Secretary of State for Education has made clear, young people regularly attending school is a national priority and is important for their education, wellbeing, and long-term development. This is particularly true for children who were persistently absent before the pandemic or who are at risk of becoming persistently absent. Attendance continues to be mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age and schools should communicate clear and consistent expectations about attendance.

Schools will be aware that the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England recently wrote a letter to parents of children identified as clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), to inform them that they were no longer considered to be clinically vulnerable and would not be advised to shield in future. This decision was based on the results of recent clinical studies which found that in general, children and young people are at very low risk of becoming seriously unwell from the virus. The recommendation was agreed by the Chief Medical Officers of the UK.

A very small number of children and young people will have been advised to isolate or reduce their social contact for short periods of time by their specialist, due to the nature of their medical condition or treatment, rather than because of the pandemic. If this is the case, they should continue to follow the advice of their specialist.

Schools continue to be able to grant leaves of absence for pupils subject to the normal rules. Applications for leave of absence may be made for reasons arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic that do not fall within the category above. Schools should consider all applications for leave of absence on an individual basis taking into account the specific facts and circumstances, and relevant background context behind the request. Schools should only grant leaves of absence in exceptional circumstances. If a leave of absence is agreed, it should only be for a specific period of time.

We encourage schools to work together with local authority staff, attendance support workers, and local health services (including GPs and school nurses) to reassure families and ensure as many pupils are attending school as possible.  This week and next week is our 100% A&P Challenge – to be in school every day and on time for 2 weeks!

I thought this was worth sharing – to show that attendance and punctuality are a national priority!

This week in school is Mental Health Week and children have taken part in a number of activities – a nature trail being one of them!  Class 3 went to Ledston Estate yesterday and had a great time in the woods!!  12 children will go canoeing today as part of the Inspirations programme – a great new adventure for them!