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This week!

On Friday in school this week is Number Day (for the NSPCC) and Wear it Red (for the British Heart Foundation).  Wear a number, or wear something red – or do a bit of both and bring a £1 in, which will be sent to these 2 charities!

We are hoping to have an Easter School this Easter (depending on our bid being successful) and this will run over the 2 weeks – Tues to Friday, 10am to 2pm – children will take part in Active Maths, Active Literacy, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Cooking, Forest School activities and be provided with a hot lunch.  There will also be a visit to a Farm and Bowling at the end of the week!

Our theme in school this week is ‘Honesty’.

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Roblox Safety Update

Good Morning MPS, we hope you are all keeping safe.

With more and more children being at home after testing positive for Covid-19, we have been sent this update
surrounding the online gaming platform Roblox from Safer Schools. It highlights a new concern surrounding
sexualised content and how to keep your children safe within the game. It would be beneficial for our parents
to listen to the short audio recording.

You can listen to it here ––0HD7sWcZXEtebB-AJDMSmxW5ptt_vpM8lNhhJ_OoG8JTSj_M3IDW6YjdrnnaPVPgy1EiuIQLFPtUYss9Lk8LLXYl1J_Amhd0abrLY9u

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What we are about at Middleton Primary School!

At our school we like to celebrate children’s achievements and reward them!  Behaviour and attitudes (attendance and punctuality) are very important across our whole school.  For this we have a Reward System – children can earn tokens, tickets, dojos – which go towards their merits.  When they achieve a certain number they receive their bronze badge – this then builds up to silver, gold and platinum!  We reward good attendance and punctuality with prizes and badges and stickers!  We have various roles and responsibilities across school – Prefects, School Council, House Captains and Eco-Warriors.  They wear badges to show what role they have in school.   Every week we have ‘Thank You’ Assembly where children are ‘thanked’ by their Class Teacher for attitude and behaviour.  Today, Zuzanna was very proud to show me her awards:

Head Teacher sticker – she went up in Thank You Assembly today!  Bronze Merit Badge – she has earned her 25 merits!  100% Attendance and Punctuality Badge for Autumn term 1 – she is 100% for the Autumn term.  Her 100% Attendance and Punctuality Sticker – for this week!  Then her Prefect Badge – she is one of our school Prefects!  One of our many ‘model’ pupils in school – here she is proudly wearing her badges!!

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Healthy Families – Growing Up

This course is open to all parents/carers – it is at Sharp Lane – see below and attached posters!

Dear colleagues,

I am delighted to let you know that a HENRY Healthy Families Growing Up Course will be starting at Sharp Lane Primary School on Monday 17th January at 13:00-15:00.

Please share this with your families, as any parent/carer in the local community can attend this course! If you know of any families you think would benefit from making healthier changes, eating better, being more activities or just finding life easier as a family, please feel free to signpost them to this course.

For any parent who is interested in attending, please could you complete the attached contact form, with consent, on their behalf.

You can share the attached leaflet by email with parents and/or display in your school reception or on your website.

The HENRY courses are completely FREE for parents to attend and last for 8 weeks. There is space for up to 12 parents on a course and the programme will be delivered within COVID guidance.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch at

Kind regards,

Siobhan Jennings, BSc Hons, RPHN

Nutritionist & Healthy Eating Advisor

Sharp Lane Leaflet

Sharp Lane Poster

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Happy New Year!

I didn’t manage to message last week – but I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!  Our first week back was relatively quiet and this week looks very much the same!  We have seen an increase in positive cases of COVID across school – staff and pupils alike.  We are asking parents/carers to test their child(ren) regularly – as many children can be positive and not show any symptoms.  We will be uploading all the different activities children took part in last term – across the curriculum – these will be able to be viewed under your child’s year group, along with the activities they will be taking part in, this next term.  We have had to cancel clubs for the next few weeks and reduce the number of visitors to school, to try and help stop the spread of COVID in school.  We will continue to provide updates on School Story and Parent Pay.