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Middleton Primary School Staff - 2017/2018
Leadership Team:
Head Teacher: Sam Williams
Deputy Head Teachers:  Sarah Latham and Penni Bullock
Assistant Head Teachers: Rosemary Slack and Sarah Tissiman
School Business Manager: Sheila Hunt
Teaching Staff:
Reception: Sarah Latham, Catherine Moncaster and Rebecca Harrington
Year 1: Nichola Sowden, Faye Batty and Sarah Ambler
Year 2: Jane Hurst / Sarah Latham and Ben Webster
Year 3: Penni Bullock / Clare Mclean and Phillippa Garnett
Year 4: Kerry Stockdale and Alex Burmo
Year 5: Vicky Hutchings / Alison Oldfield and Janet Ward
Year 6: Tracy Haigh and Sarah Tissiman
PE Teacher across school – Alison Oldfield
Speech and Language Therapist: Fay Meakin
SENDCO – Joscelyne Durrant
Support Staff:
Support Staff Manager / HLTA: Michelle Hales
Cover Supervisor: Audrey O’Gorman
Reception: Angie Gaunt, Claire Oldfield, Julie Harrison, Theresa Stone and Lynn Meadows 
Year 1: Lisa Caley, Petra Brookes and Jeanette Ward (Sarah Hobson, Beth Turner and Jordan Hartley – 1:1 support)
Year 2: Dawn Cowburn and Marie Binns (Emma Emery - 1:1 support)
Year 3: Nicola Stanhope and Kath Stubley (Adele Woolley – 1:1 support)
Year 4: Marie Hopton and Claire Ward (Rose Clayton – 1:1 support)
Year 5: Terri-Lee Sunderland and Carolyn Kelly / Julie Barker (Becky Evans 1:1 support)
Year 6: Mandy McGlynn, Jo Priestley, Kate Timpson and Kathyanne Hammill
Speech and Language Support: Petra Brookes and Lisa Caley
Lead Learning Mentor:
June Reilly
Learning Mentors:
Ann Bradley, Allison Kennedy, Ania Lamptey, Karen Tiffany
Place 2 Be Staff:
Mark Ruston
Midday Staff:
Michaela Appleyard                     Mandy McGlynn
Laura Brain                                Jodie Robbins
Petra Brookes                             June Robinson
Rose Clayton                              Linda Slee
Sarah Geldhill                             Terri Lee Sunderland
Kathyanne Hammill                     Karen Townson
Marie Hopton                             Jeannie Wilson
Georgina Ibbotson
Cluster Support Staff:
Joanne Hainsworth, Jodie Barker, Charles Birch, Helen Swift, Lorraine Healey, Sue Holling.
Site Management Staff:
James Nicol, Michael Green
School Business Manager:
Sheila Hunt
Administrative Staff:
Alison Lynn, Bernadette Baldwinson, Donna Hartley
School Nurse:
Emma Pye
School Catering:
Diane Westerman, Sarah Croft
School Cleaners:
Mary Millar, Karen Townson, Ann Chadwick, Kelly Shaw, Katie Timpson, Scott Clayton, Joanne Walker, Jeannie Wilson
Educational Psychologist:
Mark Pedlar