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Summer Term 2018/19

Take a look at what we will be doing over the summer term.

Spring Term 2018/19

Have a look at what we will be doing in Year 6 during the Spring term.

Autumn Term 2018/19

Have a look at what we will be learning this term in Year 6...

Autumn Portfolio Year 6 2018-19
Summer term Year 6

Take a look at what we will be doing in the summer term!

Summer term 2017-18

What a busy year it has been! Year 6 loved the summer term especially with the build up to their fantastic performance...

Curriculum Map Spring term 2017-18

We will be having a new topic in the Spring term...Africa. We have lots of exciting activities planned.

Spring Portfolio Year 6 2017-18

Here is a selection of the wonderful work we have been doing in Year 6. This term has also been a busy one getting prepared for the upcoming SATs. The children have worked really hard and should be proud of themselves.

Buckden House Residential September 2017
Autumn Portfolio Year 6 2017-18

Take a look at all of the wonderful things we have been doing over the Autumn term.

Curriculum Map Autumn term 2017-18

Take a look at what we will be learning in Year 6 from September to December! We are starting the year with a safety week, with a particular focus on E-Safety. Following that is our exciting week at Buckden! For the rest of the term we will be focussing on our first topic which will be World War II.

Summer 2 2016-17

Take a look at all the work we have been doing this half term! It has been lots of fun and we are now ready to go to high school!

Summer 2 2016-17

This is what we will be doing this half term...

Summer 1 2016-17

This will be a busy term this term with SATs coming up! Have a look at what else we will be doing...

Spring 2 2016-17

Look at the wonderful work we have produced this half term!

Spring 2 2016-17

Take a look at what we will be learning this half term!

Spring 1 2016-17

This half term we will be learning about Kenya. We will also be learning about how we ave evolved as humans.

Autumn term 2016-17

Take a look at what we have been learning about in Year 6 so far!

Autumn 2 2016-17

Have a look at what we will be learning this half term!

Autumn 1 2016-17

Take a look at what we will be learning this half term! We will be using our experience at Buckden to learn different geography skills.

Summer 2 - Mayans and Year 6 Leavers

This half term Year 6 have been learning about the Mayan Civilisation. There have also been lots of events and celebrations in preparation for our Year 6's transition on to their high schools.

Summer 2

This is our topic web and Curriculum Map for our Summer 1 topic 'The Mayans'.

Summer 1

This is our Topic Web and Curriculum Map for Summer 1

Spring 2 - The Suitcase Kid

This half term Year 6 have been working on the Jacqueline Wilson novel, 'The Suitcase Kid'.

Spring 2

This is our Topic Web and Curriculum Map for Spring 2.

Spring 1 - Kenya Topic
Spring 1

This is our topic web and curriculum maps for Spring 1.

Autumn 2 - Vikings Topic
Autumn 2

This is our topic web and curriculum maps for Autumn 2.

Autumn 1 Buckden Topic.
Year 6 Curriculum 2015-16

Please click on the link below for more information about the curriculum content for Year 6.

Mysteries of the Mayans
The Suitcase Kid.

Year 6 go on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey with Andrea, the protaganist of the story, as she experiences the trauma of her parents divorce.

Evolve or Die! Survival of the fittest.

The children in Year 6 embark on an in-depth study of the animals of Kenya. David attenborough - watch out!

How to Train Your Viking!

Year 6's Exciting topic from Autumn Term 2.

Are you a city slicker or a country gent?

We used our fantastic residential at Buckden House, as a stimulus for driven learning in all areas of our curriculum. The enjoyment, skills development and outcomes have been excellent.

Year 6 Blog

This blog is for Year 6 pupils to tell others about their experiences in this their final year at Middleton Primary School.

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  • 14-09-2014 - Mr JonesPE for Year 6... Class 13 Monday and Friday Class 14 Wednesday and Friday
  • 11-09-2014 - Cameron & Conner ADay four and it’s nearly over… We've had a terrific time at Buckden House with all the amazing activities! During the week we've completed two walks, which were astonishingly exhausting. The first was from Kettlewell back to Buckden, which is about 4 miles, following the route of the river. On our journey we took a break to do some skillful sketching of the beautiful countryside. Unfortunately, the walk had to be cut short due to a herd of agitated cows and a fearsome looking bull. On Thursday we ventured up to the Fairy Glen. This walk was much more tiring because it mostly went up steep hills. When we finished the walks we were relieved that it was over but also proud of accomplishing something we had never experienced in our entire lives.
  • 10-09-2014 - Enya & LewisDay Three of the Buckden residential! The most nerve-wracking activity has been the High Ropes, which looks like a giant climbing frame. First of all we had to complete a challenge to cross a stream using the zip lines and a bridge. The trickiest part was that you were not allowed to touch the floor for 30 minutes. Next we started climbing on the main frames. We used harnesses and ropes to try to complete the course. We all had to work as part of a team, while was one person climbing the others had to make sure the rope was secure and not too slack. The main event was the 'Leap of Faith'... After climbing up the pole you had to stand up straight on a small square platform. If you were brave enough you leapt off the platform to hit a large red ball before being gently lowered to the ground on the rope. When we first saw the 'Leap of Faith' most people were anxious. However, after succeeding everyone felt AWESOME!
  • 09-09-2014 - Josh & LeahToday is the second day of the Year 6 residential. In the morning our activity was Gill Scrambling. Our instructor, who was called Darren, gave us safety instructions and our equipment (a belt and hard hat). Next we set off in the minibus – after a five minute journey we got and started the walk to the gill. Fifteen minutes later we were there! A gill is a like a dried up stream that you have to walk and climb up. The start was quite easy but it gradually became more challenging… At the very end there was thin gap that you had to make your way up, it was called the ‘Smartie Tube’. At the start people were quite nervous about falling down and crushing the others below them. However, at the end everyone was proud that they had challenged themselves and achieved something new.
  • 08-09-2014 - Mackenzie & RienneToday we arrived at Buckden House for our Year 6 Residential. Our first outstanding activity was caving, our instructor was called Darren. He had been down in the caves roughly 300 times before. The best bit was when we got wet, from head to foot, in the ice-cold water. At one point we all had to turn off our lamps and we couldn't even see our hands in front of our faces. We face our fears in the last challenge which was to find the exit to the caves on our without Darren or Mr Jones. Finally we reached our salvation... DAYLIGHT! It was an amazing start to the residential with more exciting days to go!
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