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Spring 2018/2019 Curriculum Map and Topic Web
Autumn Portfolio 2018/19
Summer Portfolio
Spring Portfolio
Autumn Portfolio
Summer Portfolio
Spring Portfolio
Autumn Portfolio
Summer 2016 - Can you walk like an Egyptian?
Welcome to Class 8 (Mrs Bullock/Mrs Park) and Class 9 (Miss Taverner)!

In Year 3 we aim to make the transition from KS1 to KS2 as easy as possible for our chidlren.  We are in the process of planning and delivering an exciting new curriculum which will involve a thematic approach to learning focusing on the children's own inquiring minds.  They will be encouraged to ask and answer their own questions using a variety of media and they will produce collaborative work to show what they have learned.  Please browse our page to see our latest learning adventures and the work which has been produced.  Here are some of our topics.

Vicious Viking Voyages!

What makes the Earth mad?

Can you walk like an Egyptian?
Summer 2 topic web
Summer 1 Topic Web
Spring 2 Learning Journey

What Makes the Earth Mad?

Spring 1 learning journey - Are children on the continent healthier than us?
Autumn 2 Learning Journey
Our Learning Journey

This is our learning journey through the ages from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

Year 3 curriculum map

Have a look at our plans for the coming year. We have an exciting time ahead of us.

Autumn 1 learning.

Class 7 and 8 have been discovering how the very first humans lived.

Year 3 Curriculum 2015-16

Please click on the link below for more information about the curriculum content for Year 3.

Summer 2015 - learning journey

We took the children on a journey far back in time to when the first people roamed the Earth. Year 3's learning journey took them chronologically through time until they reached the Iron Age.

Going on a bug hunt as part of our science topic.

Year 3 looking for evidence of pollination in the outdoor area and classroom.

Wow, today Year 3 went back in time!!24 Sep 2015A fantastic two days with One Day Creation to begin our Autumn topic - Who put the rock in Bedrock? and Can you rave in a cave?  The children...
Autumn term 2014 - Can Year 3 walk like Egyptians?

Take a tour through the amazing work which has been produced by classes 7 and 8 during the last half term.

Spring term 2015 - Are children on the continent healthier than us?

Through out the Spring term we looked at whether the children on the continent were healthier than ourselves and also, what made the Earth mad.

PE days

Please remember your PE kit on a Monday.

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